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abbreviation long form
TA TamswegAustrian licence plate code
Ta Tantal (greek)
TA TarantoItalian region and licence plate code
TA Target Area
TA Tatbestandsaufnahme (german)
TA Teaching Assistant
ta team attack
TA Technische Anleitung (german)
TA Technischer Amtmann (german)
TA Technology Assessment
TA Tele-Arbeit (german)
TA Telekom Austria (german)
TA Terminal Adapter
TA Terminologia Anatomica (latin)
ta testantibus actis (latin)as the acts show
TA Thüringer Allgemeine (german)German daily news
TA Traffic Announcement
TA Transit Authority
TA Traueradresse (german)
TA Triumph Adler AG (german)
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