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abbreviation long form
PA PalermoItalian region and licence plate code
PA Panamatop level domain
Pa Pascal
PA PassauGerman licence plate code
P.A. Patres Albi (latin)
PA Pennsylvania
p.A. per Adresse (german)
p.a. per annum
pro anno (latin)annual
PA Performance Analyser
PA Personal Assistant
PA Personalabteilung (german)
PA Personalausweis (german)identy card
PA Polyamid
PA Postamt (german)
PA Power Amplifier
PA Pressluftatmer (german)
PA Prince Albert / Princess Albertina
PA Privatankläger (german)
p.A. pro Analysi (latin)
PA Program Analysis
Pa Protactinium (latin)
PA Process Automation (german)
PA Prüfungsausschuss (german)
PA Public Address
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